Fitness Programs

Personal Training

Don't settle for a personal trainer that just teaches you how to work out. At Fit In The City, our Personal Training program is dynamic. We take care of your physical goals, both in activity and nutrition, as well as your mental goals. There's nothing quite this comprehensive in all of Papillion. Learn more today!

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Group Training

At Fit In The City, we're proud to use the 30+ years we have in experience to provide Papillion with the most diverse Group Training programs around. Focus on your core in Core Synergy or get a total body workout in Fit Camp Express. Buff up with Reps, Rest, Repeat or work out your mind with Yoga Flow. We've got it all!

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Health Coaching

Fit In The City doesn't just offer a nutrition coaching program. We offer a health coaching program that encompasses your physical health and your mental health. We'll help you craft a diet that's balanced and healthy, teach you how to reduce stress for good, and provide all the support you need. Learn more today!

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